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Radical Refuge Program:

Awareness, Healing, & Liberation

This free healing retreat has been made possible by the support of many.

Educator Advisors

Our diverse group of educator advisors have been integral to the planning and success of this convening from the outset. They have shared their incredibly valuable perspectives and expertise, drawn from work across early education settings (e.g., home-based, Head Start, YMCA) to shape every element of the day. 

"I have been working with young children in all settings for over 30 years. I always practiced knowing that if our kiddos bodies are riddled with toxicity and disease, no amount of classroom education is going to make a difference. But I've begun to wonder how the same is true for us as educators. How do we support our children with love, teach them to fight against racism, and build their confidence - if we are enduring the toxicity embedded in our education system? How do I, as a Black woman, make sure that I live healthy and thrive in this system." ~ Miki

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"As a teacher I've always believed that I needed to get to know the children and families, their story, culture and customs. It is that understanding that establishes a relationship of trust. What I've discovered over time is that I am part of that relationship - yet I can recall a time where the system I work in considered my story, culture or customs. This is critical to my relationship with children and families - who I am matters."

~ Ingrid

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"I spent 12 years in the classroom as an infant/toddler teacher and then as a director. As a director, I remember how it felt like a 24/7 job. I don't think there was a week when I worked under 60 hours. After my child was born I just couldn't do it anymore, the work-life balance was awful - how could I care for other people's children but not be present for my own? In ECE the workload is significant but the pay and benefits are not. It makes it so hard to pay attention to self-care, especially when you have a child."

~ Linda


"I remember growing and having the experience of not belonging. My work with young children in the Panhandle is's about making sure they feel a sense of belonging. I know it's important to see yourself represented in the classroom - it's not something I received as a student and I realize it's also not something I experienced as a teacher. I wonder now if that impacted me as strongly as it did when I was a child. My identity matters to the health and well-being of my work as an educator."

~ Jackie

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"“As a Doctor in Medicine I’ve spent over 20 years in public health. Those experiences have made me passionate about social justice with communities of color. As a proud Mejicana, these gatherings enrich me personally, the energy is reciprocal. I am a vocal empowerment educator, devoting myself to supporting women of color. I spend my time collaborating with diverse populations and organizations to increase awareness and change attitudes about culturally and linguistically relevant services.."

~ Maria

Academic Sponsors

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