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Radical Refuge Program:

Awareness, Healing, & Liberation



Journey Mapping

Focus Groups

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Debrief &


Healing Circle

Radical Rest


Welcome to our Radical Refuge 8-9:30 [w]

Cycle 1: 9:30-10:30 [s]

Cycle 2: 10:30-11:30 [s]

Debrief and Decompress 11:30-12:00 [w]

Cycle 3: 12:00-1:00 [s]

Lunch 1:00-2:00 [w]

Cycle 4: 2:00-3:00 [s]

Closing the Circle 3:00-4:00 [w]

[w] whole group     [s] small group

Whole group sessions will happen in the central location of our Radical Refuge. The four small group sessions will happen simultaneously, with educators cycling through each one throughout the day. All sessions are thoughtfully supported by our facilitators.

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We’ll start the day as a whole group in our central Radical Refuge space, nourishing ourselves with community conversations and breakfast. While we relax and sprawl out on the carpet we’ll consider the question – Who are you? – as we engage in a personally designed identity-awareness activity. Our host will share vulnerably with the whole group answering the same question. You’ll also mingle with all of our extraordinary facilitators who will be excited to get to know you.


Education Journey Mapping

In small groups, educators will create and discuss mixed-media maps of their journeys throughout schooling with the support of a 20-year veteran NYC teacher and researcher. Using her expertise with journey mapping, Jessica will guide us through intentional conversations. We’ll consider the ways in which our journeys align and where we’ve taken different paths. Our collective journey highlights the hidden identities of Black and Latina women educators.


Debrief and Decompress

Time to think, heal and process communally is critical -- but it’s also exhausting! So, we’ll take a break from small groups to catch our breath back in our Radical Refuge space. With our educator wellness and mental health professionals, it’s a time to all lean into our identity awareness. Come together to reflect and pause, shake it off and even laugh. Doesn’t hurt to also re-energize with some snacks!

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We will share local cultural food from Black and Brown owned businesses, in our beautiful outdoor garden space. We will talk, dance, laugh, breathe and exist all our glorious identities.


Focus Groups

Educators will gather in small groups to discuss their social-emotional and family engagement experiences with the support of our friends at NYU MetroCenter. Lindsey’s devotion to lifting your voices has guided the thoughtful session design. These discussions will be organized by teacher quotes. We looking forward to learning the many ways in which you identify.


Healing Circle

Honoring our small group, we will explore our healing together with Isabel in a safe and accepting space. With open minds and the support of mental health professionals from the Harlem Brain we’ll listen with compassion and curiosity to process challenges and heal together. As we sit in the beautiful outdoor space we’ll consider how we access our collective strength to deepen our capacity to heal from a place of identity awareness.


Radical Rest

Together, we will take some time to slow down, to rest, to breathe out our exhaustion from a lifetime of sexist and racial trauma. With two WOC veteran mental health professionals devoted to supporting educators, we will explore the tensions in a society that exploits Black and Latina women as caregivers. We will honor our minds, bodies and souls by giving them permission to rest. We will consider the fear and struggle in resting and the joy and power in practicing radical rest. 


            Closing the Circle

We’ll gather one last time in our Radical Refuge space to consider our day devoted to identity awareness and healing.  Our host and facilitators will highlight the history of Black and Brown women in service as caregivers to a white dominant society. As we consider this through our deepened identity awareness and communal healing, we call each other to action. How do we lean in together for a better future?

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