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Scientific Advisors


Dr. Kurt Fisher (In Memoriam)

​Leading an international movement to connect biology and cognitive science to education, the late Dr. Fischer was founding president of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society and founding editor of the new journal Mind, Brain, and Education. He had a prolific career studying cognitive and emotional development and learning from birth through adulthood, combining analysis of the commonalities across people with the diversity of pathways of learning and development. His work focused on the organization of behavior and the ways it changes, especially with development, learning, emotion, and culture. In Dynamic Skill Theory, he provided a single framework to analyze how organismic and environmental factors contribute to the rich variety of developmental change and learning across and within people. His research included students’ learning and problem solving, brain development, concepts of self in relationships, cultural contributions to social-cognitive development, early reading skills, emotions, child abuse, and brain development.

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